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How to Run a Successful Recruitment Campaign for Undergraduates

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​Undergraduates can often deliver a unique sense of enthusiasm and vigour to the workplace. They are usually highly motivated and very keen to learn, often finding it easier to adapt to new systems or ways of thinking. Recruiting undergraduates can give your company a cutting edge as you take on bold, inspiring, and innovative thinkers from the next generation. So, what’s the best way to attract them?

Showcase your best people

Get your most recent undergraduate hires to do the talking. By sending them to universities and colleges, you can get them to engage with potential candidates and hopefully impress them. Let them preach your organisations willingness to support new starters, in an environment which offers lots of opportunity and room to grow. People will always be more willing to buy into an idea if they like the person delivering it, so send likeable and personable team members who will paint you in the most positive light.

Keep it simple or interesting

A long, arduous and mind-numbing application process is an instant turn-off. Keep it streamlined and easy to apply. You could even set a challenge or hold a contest, as a unique way of drawing in applicants. Ask interesting questions which help engage those who are applying or think like Uber and gamify the process! Uber teamed up with CodeFights and offered coders an opportunity to try and beat an online bot in a bid to win a chance to apply with their organisation. Those who took part were given a few short tasks which involved identifying errors and writing code. The challenge of getting through to the next level appealed to many, so inject some creativity and keep applicants interested.


The youth of today are focused on building a better world. Job security and paying the bills are just not enough. They have a broad horizon filled with meaning, service and contributing to a better world. An organisation which aligns with their values and morals is crucial. Having your people feel proud about where they work is paramount to productivity and success. This might be a good time to review your company culture and weed out any toxicity or things that have fallen by the wayside and anything which is having a negative impact. Ensure your business is radiating strength, togetherness and empowering its people to do their best.

Consider JAR Solutions

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