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​5 Reasons to Use Public Transport on your Daily Commute

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Driving is so last year… It can be a super stressful way to start the day. Expect to be routinely cut off in traffic, whilst frantically rushing to catch every green light. Your eyes flicker nervously between watching the clock and surveying the road, as you pray that you won’t be late. Nothing like a stress headache before you’ve even started work. So what about public transport? Before you dismiss the notion, read on and discover if it could change your mood, health and pocket - for the better!


Think of your bus or train journey as me-time. It can be your zen hour before you tackle a busy day. Nab a seat and utilise the time wisely by settling into a good book, enjoying a coffee or replying to messages. Driving takes a significant amount of constant concentration, and the pressures of weaving in and out of traffic aren’t great for your peace of mind.

Go Green

Private transport is one of the major factors that is causing a negative impact on climate change, and illness or deaths caused by pollution is a real problem. It’s more important than ever to start reducing your carbon footprint. The greater the percentage of people using public transport, the better our air quality and reduction in pollution levels will be.

Fast Track

Get to the office in record time when you give up driving. All too often it’s a game of Russian roulette. Think traffic jams, catching every red light, the stress of trying to find parking, as well as roadblocks. Punctuality is not guaranteed. With commuting, you have the advantage of fast trains and quick bus lanes. This means less travel time and more snooze time.

Boost Fitness

With so many jobs creating sedentary lifestyles, many are on a promise to get fit. Use your commute as a way of getting those extra steps on your pedometer. Being active beats the monotony of sitting in the driver’s seat. Walking to the station and between transit stops - it all adds up! Get the blood pumping by taking on those seemingly never-ending escalators. Day by day, they’ll get easier as you walk your way to health. By the time you get to work you’ll be feeling alert, energised and ready for the day ahead. Result.


Driving: it isn’t cheap. And if you’re trying to save money then expect your car to be something of a bottomless money pit. Skyrocketing costs of driving to work, combined with rising petrol prices, just doesn’t make sense money-wise. And when you consider annual road tax, yearly service, insurance premiums, maintenance costs, congestion charge, garage hire (the list goes on…), ditching driving looks increasingly appealing.

Here at James Andrews, we have introduced an exciting initiative to help you transition from car to public transport. Enjoy an interest-free annual season ticket loan to cover your costs to and from work. Buying daily or weekly tickets can be costly, so let us help by allowing you the money-saving option of affording a year round ticket. Get in touch with us if you are interested and start commuting now!