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Legal & Governance Roles

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Roles We Recruit for in Legal Recruitment:

  • Legal Directors: Overseeing legal operations and providing strategic guidance within organisations.

  • Heads of Legal: Leading legal departments, ensuring compliance, and providing strategic legal advice.

  • In-House Counsel: Offering legal advice and representation within organizations.

  • Solicitors: Providing legal advice, preparing legal documents, and representing clients in legal proceedings.

  • Barristers: Specialising in advocacy, representing clients in court, and providing expert legal opinions.

  • Paralegals: Assisting lawyers in legal research, document preparation, and administrative tasks.

  • Legal Administrators: Handling administrative tasks within legal firms or departments.

  • Legal Secretaries: Providing administrative support to legal professionals, managing correspondence, and document preparation.

Areas of Law Specialisation in Our Legal Recruitment Solutions:

Childcare: Addressing legal aspects related to child protection, custody, fostering, and adoption.

Housing: Covering legal issues such as landlord-tenant disputes, housing benefits, and property-related matters.

Property and Conveyancing: Managing legal aspects of real estate transactions, property disputes, and land-related issues.

Adult Social Care: Handling legal matters related to care for vulnerable adults, including safeguarding and rights protection.

Corporate Governance: Navigating the legal framework and regulations governing corporate structures and activities.

Employment: Addressing legal aspects of employer-employee relationships, including contracts and workplace rights.

Commercial Contracts: Managing the legal aspects of drafting, negotiation, and enforcement of business contracts.

Civil Litigation: Dealing with legal disputes between individuals or organizations, resolved through the court system.

Planning: Covering legal regulations and permissions related to land use, development, and construction projects.

Data Protection & FOI: Addressing legal aspects of data protection regulations and freedom of information laws.

Wills and Probate: Handling legal matters related to estate planning, will drafting, and asset distribution after death.

Tax: Navigating legal regulations governing various aspects of taxation.