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12 New Jobs For The Generative AI Era

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​The emergence of generative AI technologies is reshaping the job market, especially within the tech sector. This transformation is leading to the creation of new roles that require a unique blend of skills, including technical expertise in AI and machine learning, as well as creative and strategic thinking. Some of these roles might involve developing and managing AI systems, ensuring ethical AI usage, and integrating AI into various business processes to enhance efficiency and innovation. Additionally, there's a growing need for professionals who can bridge the gap between AI technology and its practical applications in different industries, ensuring that AI solutions meet user needs and industry standards.

In a recent Forbes article, Bernard Marr examines the potential for generative AI to create entirely new jobs, suggesting that 'rather than focusing on generative AI solely as a job disruptor, we should also recognize it as a job creator'.

In the following list, we explore the 12 new roles Marr highlights in the piece, and summarise what these roles would look like.

AI Prompt Engineer

Prompt engineers are specialists in crafting queries that guide generative AI tools like ChatGPT towards producing precise outcomes. Unlike the broad inquiries that lead to vague answers, these professionals meticulously adjust their prompts to achieve the intended responses. Their expertise lies not just in technical programming but also in effective communication, meticulous attention to detail, analytical thinking, and the ability to determine the necessary information for the AI.

Generative Design Expert

Similar to prompt engineers but with a focus on creative outputs, generative design experts are becoming essential in various domains such as architecture, product design, and engineering. Given the ability of generative AI to generate a vast array of design options, these specialists play a crucial role in steering the AI and interpreting its results to secure the best design solutions.

AI Input and Output Strategist

This role represents an advancement from the prompt engineer, embodying a more strategic position that manages the data input into generative AI systems and the resulting outputs. As businesses navigate challenges related to data privacy, copyright issues, and the need for transparent and unbiased AI, the importance of this role is set to rise.

AI Content Validator

In an era where generative AI is increasingly used to produce diverse content types, from written pieces to visual designs and analytical reports, the need for human oversight remains critical. AI Content Validators are tasked with evaluating the content's quality, accuracy, and suitability, ensuring it meets the intended purposes.

AI Educator

Specialising in the pedagogy of AI, these professionals are dedicated to "training" and refining AI models. Their responsibilities span from data provisioning to adjusting the AI's outputs to enhance their precision and relevance.

AI Systems Technician

Just as any technological system requires maintenance, AI models need regular updates, efficiency checks, and problem-solving to function optimally. Specialists in this area ensure the smooth operation and reliability of generative AI systems.

AI Security Expert

With AI complicating the cybersecurity landscape by enabling more advanced cyber threats, there's a growing demand for professionals capable of protecting systems from AI-powered attacks and leveraging AI to counteract such threats.

AI Literacy Advocate

Echoing the rise of computer literacy as a foundational skill, AI literacy is set to become equally indispensable. Educators in this field will play a pivotal role in demystifying AI, highlighting its advantages and potential pitfalls to a broader audience.

AI Ethics Consultant

The potent capabilities of generative AI necessitate a cadre of professionals committed to ensuring these technologies are developed and applied in a manner that is ethical, unbiased, and socially responsible. AI Ethics Consultants are tasked with formulating and enforcing ethical guidelines within organisations.

AI Compliance Specialist

Complementing the work of ethics consultants, AI Compliance Specialists are charged with making sure that ethical guidelines are not only set but also adhered to. With increasing regulatory attention on AI, these professionals help ensure that organisations operate within legal and ethical boundaries.

AI Personality Architect

As the landscape of generative AI tools expands, differentiating these tools through unique "personalities" becomes essential. This emerging role focuses on crafting engaging and relatable personas for AI entities, enhancing the user experience by making interactions feel more human.

Custom AI Developer

The demand for specialised, industry-specific AI solutions is on the rise, leading to partnerships between organisations and AI firms to develop bespoke AI models. These custom solutions address unique challenges or requirements, leveraging the capabilities of widely available models for tailored applications.

To read Marr's full prediction, you can visit the Forbes article directly here: Forbes Article.

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