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Is Your Degree Suited to a Career in Recruitment?

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​Sometimes the person we were at the beginning of pursuing a degree and the person who we find ourselves becoming at the end are two completely different people with contrasting aspirations. But no matter what we study; be it history, communications or medicine; it’s likely we’ve accumulated a number of invaluable skills which lend themselves perfectly to the recruitment industry including communications skills, time management, conflict resolution, research, teamwork and many more!

Here at JARS, we have many team members who have switched industries and made the move to recruitment who are enjoying successful and rewarding careers with us.

Emilie Stevenson, Managing Consultant in our London HR team, previously studied Criminology and Sociology at university. She found the social element within the organisation very rewarding as she valued making connections within work. ‘The team element was a big attraction to me, I felt like it was nice to have that support from other members in your team, especially when it is your first proper job. Additionally, there is a great social side to working here!’

Tejinder Singh, Managing Consultant in our Birmingham Social Housing team studied Law LLB at university. He was lured into the recruitment industry by the ability to earn. ‘I had two choices. Pay thousands to do a Legal Practice Course, or come into a job with a recruitment firm that allowed me to start earning commission within just a few months, so it was a no brainer.’ He also believes the JAR has helped in his personal development, ‘The life skills it teaches you, not just the recruitment skills. The skills you pick up in this field will help you in any job in the future, it teaches good organisation skills, thinking commercially and building a good reputation for yourself’

Clara Willis, Managing Consultant in our Birmingham Finance & Accountancy team feels that her degree in Sport & Exercise Sciences lends itself perfectly to her career in recruitment. She says, ‘I was drawn to the fast-paced, competitive environment that resonates with my sporting background. It is an industry that many don’t realise offers ambitious but also achievable goals that can be accomplished at all stages of your career. Having a competitive nature and desire to win that has been nurtured through sport, pushes you to beat competitors and go that extra mile to be successful.’ She credits JARS in helping to cultivate and develop skills such as ‘adaptability, maturity, professionalism and varied communication skills which is something we all need in adulthood!’

So, whether you’ve spent your time at university in the science lab, on the football field or in the library analysing the works of Shakespeare, you can rest assured that your degree will have set you up with skills to help you enjoy a rewarding career in recruitment!

When you start your career with us you’ll receive thorough training so there’s no need to worry about being new to the industry. You’ll also be working within an incredible team who like to work hard, support each other and also have some fun during our regular work socials – another part of the role we’re sure university prepared you for!

To find out more about our graduate vacancies and begin your recruitment journey, check out our Work For Us page today!