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Boost Your Wellbeing at Work in 10 Easy Steps!

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​This week, we're focusing on the little changes we can make during the working week to boost our health and wellbeing, inspired by the tips Dr Michael Mosley shares on the latest episode of his BBC podcast, Just One Thing.

Before work

  1. Go for an early morning walk - This jump starts your body clock and signals to the body that the day has begun, helping you get better sleep in the evening.

  2. Have a cold shower – even just for 30 seconds! A study showed people who did this for 60 days took 30% fewer sick days, while it has also shown to increase dopamine and b-endorphin levels.

At work

  1. Drink coffee - A UK study suggested those that drank 3 cups of coffee daily, which has positive antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits, experienced better heart and brain function, while other studies showed that lower doses caffeine can stimulate feelings of wellbeing and enhanced attention. Just remember to limit yourself to 4 -5 cups at the very max!

  2. Take regular breaks – Small breaks of even just a few minutes while you make yourself a drink can lower your heart rate, helping with creative thinking, improving mood, decision-making and processing information.

  3. Drink water –Aim to drink up to 2 litres a day to help maintain kidney function, keep skin hydrated, improve short-term memory, working memory and your attention span.

  4. Stand up -  Standing up for a couple of minutes two or three times a day you are raising your heart rate and helping your metabolism by lowering blood sugars, and therefore burning off calories.

  5. Eat small portions of nuts and dark chocolate - Flagging in the afternoon? A daily snack of 15-30g of nuts and two pieces of dark chocolate could help as they can boost short-term memory and attention. Dark chocolate can improve insulin sensitivity and cholesterol levels in women with Type 2 diabetes while nuts have been shown to improve energy levels, and reduce the risk of cancer and diabetes - just remember to check in with those around you for any allergies!

After work

  1. Meditate - A small 10-minute session each day can improve your sleep, mood, boost your immune system and even physically rewire your response to stress and pain!

  2. Have a hot bath – A hot bath or shower at the end of the day can help you fall asleep up to 36% faster, enjoy a better quality of sleep and feel more rested the next day.

  3. Read– Reading fiction, even for just 15-30 minutes per day, increases connectivity in the brain and lowers the stress hormone cortisol, ready to tackle the next working day!