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New Year, New Job!

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​A new year heralds change, a sense of renewed hope and optimism for what’s to come. The slate wiped clean, signals the power to get out of the rut we have been stuck in and for some of us, that may include finding a new job. January is a great time to shake things up and look for work. So, what’s the best way to proceed to ensure you secure a job worth getting excited about?


Look back on the past year and take stock of all that has happened. Your achievements, disappointments, frustrations and highlights, all of it. Professionally speaking; what have been your moments of joy? What have you genuinely enjoyed? And what must change at your new place of work? Write a list of everything which you are looking for and things that are a non-negotiable. It’s important to gain clarity and understanding of what your needs are.

Update your CV

After you have listed a breakdown of 2021, it’s time to update your current resume and incorporate all of that information in. Your CV is the first thing your prospective employer will look at so it’s important to stand out from the crowd and make a strong first impression. When applying for a position – analyse your skills, personality and interests and see if they closely align with the role you are applying for; this is key to getting your foot in the door.

Enhance your social media presence

Often employers will have a look through LinkedIn or the like, to get a wider scope of who we are and whether we are worth interviewing. Ensure to have a profile photo, that all of the information is relevant and up to date and that there is some kind of activity going on. When utilised correctly, this is a great tool to go the extra level when impressing a prospective employer.


The way you feel and see yourself matters. If you are feeling positive and self-assured, this will come across in your interviews. Don’t be afraid to ask for the salary that you believe you are worth. Often January is the time when budgets are approved and allocated for new hires. Use this to your advantage and negotiate what you deserve. If there are any gaps in your skill and the position that you are applying for, display enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. Attitude goes a long way.


Don’t let one or two knock backs, knock you down. If you find yourself unsuccessful in the application or interview process, ask for feedback. It’s important to ascertain where you are going wrong or why you may not have been chosen. It’s also a competitive market out there; and the more you apply, the better your chances are in succeeding and landing a position. Start the new year with vigour and tenacity. It’s your year, decide what you want and go after it!