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How to Keep Your Mojo while you Job Hunt

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​At the beginning of your job search, it’s easy to start out with feelings of hope, optimism and confidence. The world is your oyster and you intend to sling it back in one gulp. You’re strutting to interviews with the wind in your hair and you feel unstoppable. You are even applying for some jobs that you’re wildly unqualified for with a devil may care attitude; because hey, you’re a fast learner! But as the rejections and no call backs roll in, you retreat into your shell and your confidence takes a knock. Ouch… So how do you regain momentum and keep your spirits high? Read on…


Right now, you’re just in the holding zone. You have to remind yourself that this is a temporary situation and the best way to do that is by visualising where you want to be. Get specific with this exercise. Where are you working? How do you feel? How much are you earning? What does your office space look like? Hold on to this dream and tell yourself that you WILL get there and that all of your efforts will pay off.


If you’re unemployed and haven’t got a lot going on, creating a routine is vital. Set an alarm for the same time each day and start your morning off with exercise, meditation, an inspiring podcast – whatever makes you feel good. Write out your to-do list and ensure you’re ticking it off. A sense of achievement and progress really helps when you’re feeling stuck. And please change out of your pyjamas when you get out of bed – we all know a day in pj’s does not equate to feeling productive and accomplished.

Connect with friends

There’s nothing like reaching out to our loved ones for a much-needed pep talk or simply a welcome distraction from everyday life. Do something fun to get your mind off things or if you prefer; you could use the opportunity to network and communicate your aspirations. You never know who could be of assistance to you. Get your friends to write you a testimonial of sorts about what they admire in you and your strengths. Keep these handy when you are feeling down on yourself. Remembering why you’re absolutely fantastic is a good way to get through the bad days. 

Time out

Take time for you and switch off from the search. We often get caught up in the hamster wheel of accomplishment and progression. It’s okay to step off every once in a while and just be. Sometimes when we let go of something we want so badly, things fall into place and the answers come forth. Sometimes, nothing happens but it’s just nice to chill out. Connect with your creative side or do something which genuinely brings you joy no matter how useless, nonsensical or pointless it is. Just have fun.

It can be difficult to be job seeking in today’s current climate. Remaining positive and focused is crucial to forging ahead and hearing a yes. Don’t think of it as a monotonous mission. Inject some fun and feel good moments into your every day; it’s crucial to keep other aspects of your life in balance. If you truly believe and go after what you want; usually you will get it. As the saying goes, ‘whether you think you can or can’t, you’re probably right.’