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How Your Employees Can Support Your Company LinkedIn Page

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Getting your colleagues onboard with your LinkedIn page can be used as a strategic move to share brand values, expand reach, further engagement and connect with key stakeholders on LinkedIn. But employee advocacy isn’t always straightforward. Some may lack confidence or feel there might be a bigger issue such as lack of strategy. It’s a key rule that we often do business with those we know and like, which is why LinkedIn is such a valuable tool – when used correctly. So how do we encourage employees to support your LinkedIn page?

Who are your social media stars?

Find out who is sharing content the most and who has varied and engaging networks. Encourage them to promote content and page sharing within their own teams to create some momentum. These people will often know what works and what doesn’t. Invite them to offer their creative input about what content is scheduled in the pipeline.

Optimise your LinkedIn page

A personal profile will always outperform a company profile. People want to see who they are doing business with. Creating a standout page is a must. This includes a strong profile picture- think a professional headshot with company branding if possible. List all of your skills and tell a compelling career story. If you want your content to be shared you must make it attractive and professional.

Create shareable content

Providing your followers with quality content is a guaranteed way to get others to share what you post. You can do this by creating polls in order to get a conversation started and provide a space to debate ideas. You can also publish long articles to entice your audience into deeper discussions and showcase your expertise in your chosen field. Providing content which provides a behind-the-scenes look is a great way to further your reach. It shows transparency and reveals the human side of your business, this is the content others love to see and share.

Other tips

Empowering your team to engage with LinkedIn and share content can be done in a number of ways. Get your employees motivated and confident by following the guidelines below:

  • Incorporate communication tools such as Slack or Teams or a weekly newsletter to alert everyone when there is new content.

  • Gamify sharing by using leaderboards, contests or reward schemes. This is a great way to motivate and sustain momentum.

  • Include others in the process. By encouraging employee input, you get a wider team to care about the work and offer new and valuable information that you otherwise may have missed.

  • Offer best practises guides and help others to complete their profiles.

  • Provide workshops and coach others on how to improve their own social media engagement.

  • Lead by example; share the content of others, like and comment on employee posts and provide support.