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How Remote Working Has Affected Younger Workers

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​Reports show that some young employees are finding it hard to integrate into organisations due to the new trend of working from home, an option which has really taken off in the last couple of years for obvious reasons. Although it has its perks; offering flexible routines as well as providing better work/life balance and more time to spend with family or pets; it can also be detrimental. There is less engagement with colleagues and social isolation, with employees unable to get a feel for what skills their workplace values, not to mention it being much harder to create bonds amongst team members. Productivity is also at risk, as not being surrounded by co-workers can affect focus and concentration. We associate home as a place where we eat, relax and wind down, so it may be hard to shake up the environment and re-frame it as an office.

Here at JARS we have introduced a policy which we hope will support new staff, with all employees working from the office for the first 12 months of their career with us. This will fully integrate new starters and allow them to thrive in their roles, with daily face-to-face time with their mentors and managers, as well as their fellow new starters and team mates. Ryan Geer, Senior Consultant in our Property Management & Construction Division, gave more details on the change in policy.

What are the positives about working from home in your opinion?

The time and space to zone in on a specific task or project. Being alone means you’re free from distractions and can give one task your soul focus.

What are the negatives about working from home in your opinion?

You can feel a little separate from the hustle and bustle of the office. Personally, I get a lot of energy from my colleagues and my team – being home alone means you’re responsible for your own energy levels.

What do you or could you do, to ensure that you and your team receive the right support when working remotely?

Ensure that when working from home we all have a clear idea the day before what the goals are, simultaneously keeping in contact to let the team know how you’re getting on!

Do you think that remote working is more difficult for younger people or those who are new to the company?

Yes, I feel like when you first start you adopt a lot from your team and pick up useful skills and methods. Working from home early in your career can be a little daunting without the support of the team.

There’s no doubt that the first few months can be daunting when starting any new job and we hope this change will provide a smooth transition for our new starters as well as a sense of belonging, fully integrating them in our office culture. Here at JARS, we know that in an ever-changing world, it’s vital to constantly assess our policies and shape it according the needs of the business and more importantly, the people within it.