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Reignite your Passion at Work

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​Nabbing the job that you applied for is initially very thrilling and exciting. At first, learning the ropes keeps you on your toes and has you wanting to give your absolute best as you strive to prove yourself. But as time goes on; you may get a little too comfortable, a tad resentful or perhaps just straight up bored. These feelings aren’t the best indicator to jump ship. If you’ve lost the spark, try to explore this and see how you can get back on track. If you don’t get to the core of your needs, you may find yourself in a new job but with the same old problems.


It may be time to do some soul searching. Choose a quiet moment and journal exactly how you feel about your situation. Include the things that you are happy with as well things you feel need to change. Get real with yourself and don’t hold back. Articulate what bothers you and where your feelings have been stemming from, you may be surprised with what comes up. The first step to deciding what to do is to understand why you feel that way. When you’re armed with this knowledge, it’s much easier to move ahead with confidence.

Time off

Everyday life can take a toll on our mental health. Sometimes a perceived feeling of stagnation is actually just a need for a change of scenery. Taking some time off to engage in activities which energise and bring joy. Escape to the countryside and immerse yourself in nature. Catch up with old friends who you haven’t seen for a while or spend time with family and plan some new experiences. You may find yourself looking forward to getting back to work after a much-needed break.


Seeking a higher salary? More benefits? More time working from home? Have an honest conversation with management. You don’t have to leave an organisation to get what you want and the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Instead of looking to solve your problems elsewhere, find out if you can stay where you are and have your needs met. Failing to address your concerns can have you stewing with resentment and feeling disheartened. And although it can be difficult to have honest and confronting talks, often it’s these hard topics that can help us to learn, grow and fill in the missing gaps.

Re-visit your goals

What is your long-term vision for the future? Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years? More importantly, can you achieve these goals at your current workplace? Don’t confuse being stuck in a rut as an excuse to leave. Engage with management about learning opportunities so you can excel in your field and get excited about where you’re going. It’s much harder to start all over again within a new workplace, where you will have to prove yourself. By focusing on progressing forward and having a laser focus for what you intend to accomplish, you can get your mojo back in no time.