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How to Encourage Gender Diversity in the Workplace

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​Diversity within an organisation is not only about avoiding discrimination and trying to promote an inclusive atmosphere, it is also better for business. Here at James Andrews Recruitment Solutions, we pride ourselves in ensuring there is no gender discrimination within our organisation and that we actively support the women in our teams. Women bring an added perspective to the table and more opinions equals more innovative solutions for potential obstacles. So with all of this in mind, here are some ideas for how you can provide more opportunities for women in the workplace.

Share success stories

When applying for a role, an applicant will research your company and visit your LinkedIn page in order to explore company culture and find relevant information. It’s important to have stories of women who are succeeding in various departments and across all levels. When women see themselves represented, they are far more likely to apply.


When writing job descriptions, be mindful of language. The words you use have the ability to potentially put off female applicants. Avoid masculine terminology such as ‘aggressive’ or ‘competitive’.Thames Water amended their job advertwhen searching for a sewage-works applicant when they noticed that only 8% of their applicants were women. They removed words such as ‘champion’, ‘confident’ and ‘competitive’, only to see female applications rise sixfold!

Provide benefits related to women

Women have unique challenges they face as they are often the primary caregivers in a family home. Providing remote work flexibility, work/life balance and adequate maternity leave are crucial. Ensuring that women also have job security during times they may feel vulnerable is also very important. Women want to know that their jobs are safe and guaranteed.

Gender Pay Gap

Examine the salaries within your organisation and work towards eliminating any gender pay gaps. Offer complete transparency on salary policies and salaries themselves. Fairness and lack of secrecy allows women to feel confident that they are not being taken advantage of and have equal opportunities in the workplace.

Zero-tolerance policies

Diversity within the workplace goes beyond the hiring process. Making the office safe and inclusive for women (as well as minorities) as this is critical in retaining women. Adopt a hard stance when it comes to any form of sexism and harassment and take complaints of these matters very seriously. Go back and look into HR cases and investigate whether there are any patterns across any departments or pertaining to a certain individual. Creating a harmonious environment helps your employees feel listened to, respected and boosts your reputation.