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Building a Personal Brand

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​If you want to give yourself an edge when it comes to landing a role, you can’t afford to be mediocre. Limiting yourself to a one-page resume just doesn’t cut it anymore. In an age where we have infinite information at our fingertips, employers are hungry to learn more about applicants before they show up for their interview.

Why not give yourself a leg-up and work on your personal brand? This goes beyond the standard cover letter and gives you an opportunity to truly shine. Let’s look at some guidelines to ensure you stand out in the right way…

Keep it professional

What happens if you google your name? Does the search reveal someone you would employ or rather someone who knows how to have a good time and take a good selfie? It’s important to either polish up your image or set personal accounts to completely private. How about setting up a separate account – say, on Instagram – purely for the purpose of attracting the attention of a potential employer? This ensures you put your best face forward.

Add ALL of your achievements

Have something you’re proud of but there’s no real need to add to your resume? This is where your personal brand comes in on another platform. Feel free to expand on charity work, community projects or fundraisers all on your LinkedIn profile. You can bet that’s the first place your employer will look, so make sure they see something worthwhile that paints a broader and better picture of who you are as a human being.

Network opportunities

Get online and expand your professional network! Connecting with others in your field is a great way to draw attention to yourself in a positive way. It also allows people to be able to seek you out and see what you do. This could bring in opportunities you never even noticed, and broaden your horizons job-wise.

Blog your way to the top

Blogging is an easy way to share your opinion, expertise and demonstrate your passion for your field. What’s not to love about that? This can give valuable insight to a potential boss as well as impressing them. Have a read of our article all about blogging to enhance your job application and land your dream job!

Your personal brand can open so many doors for you because above all, it reveals your uniqueness, determination and tenacity. Going the extra mile on your job search translates to someone who will go above and beyond on the job too. The ball’s in your court with this approach as it gives you the ability to carefully curate your image. Don’t let a google search unearth someone who’s not much more than a binge-watcher of crime docu-series. Demonstrate that you are a worthy hire and get your foot in the door.