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Why a Growth Mind-Set is the Best Tool you Can Have

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​The ability to adapt to change has never been more important. The pandemic has triggered many extreme changes which have forced many to seek new employment, often in a completely different career path than we had anticipated. And although this has been a shock to the system for some, we must remember that we as humans are infinitely adaptable powerful beings. Thanks to our brain plasticity, we have the ability to learn new things and essentially reinvent ourselves. Adopting a growth mindset is the key to unlocking a better future. So how do we develop this superpower?

Value the process over the end result

In the beginning, we attack our goals with gusto. Our new found excitement gives us a determined energy and a glowing optimism. But fast forward a few weeks or sometimes even days, and that initial enthusiasm has all but dwindled down to a flickering flame as we get bogged down in the details. Thinking about how long things may take can be downright overwhelming and very demotivating. This is why it’s so important to find a way to make day to day work enjoyable rather than just trying to get to the finish line. Stay in the present moment and give each task your undivided attention. Whenever you feel yourself wavering, think of the bigger picture.


Author Nassim Nicholas Taleb first coined this word in his bookThings That Gain From Disorder. He believes that by avoiding disorder and chaos, you succumb to being fragile in life. If you embody resilience you can weather the shocks in life without changing who you are. But if you embrace being antifragile then you welcome disruptions and shocks as they change you for the better. You don’t sweat the small stuff, you’re more creative, bad news rolls right off your back and you turn catastrophes into opportunities.

Effort before talent

Here’s the thing about talent – without hard work and taking action; it’s absolutely useless. Yes, being naturally gifted gives you an advantage over others but only for a certain time. An insane work ethic will win every time. If you’re getting ready to change career paths and you’re worried about the competition, then the truth is- you will always find someone better than you. But can you find someone who also shares your tenacity, your ability to build rapport easily, your warmth or your attention to detail. Keep developing your skills and focus on what you can bring to the table.

Replace failed with learned

From an early age we are taught right from wrong and good from bad. When we make a mistake we are punished, if we break something we are scolded – this reinforces that failing is bad when in fact failing is great! Being able to view perceived failure as a stepping stone to success is vital. It means we are constantly learning, evolving and levelling up. So rather than express frustration when things don’t go as planned, see everything as an opportunity for learning. Our ‘failures’ shape us and make us who we are. They make us into more capable, smarter and anti-fragile beings.

The ability to adapt in an ever-changing world is crucial right now. We find ourselves in a more competitive job market where we need to set ourselves apart from the crowd. However, the brain isn’t fixed therefore the mind shouldn’t be either. A growth mindset shows potential employers that you are dedicated to bettering yourself and can operate outside of your comfort zone.