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The E Word (Employability): How to Keep your Job

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​Did you know that the average person will change jobs up to 15 times over the span of their careers? Change is the one thing we can always count on, but sometimes we would rather stay put. Most employees are approaching this year with a yearning for commitment, steadiness and reliability when it comes to work. So, what’s the secret to staying where you are?

Attitude goes a long way

Maintaining a positive outlook and can-do work ethic is one of the most important qualities you can embody. Energy is infectious. If you exude warmth and vibrance; others will naturally want to be around you. What’s the alternative? Being that person with the short temper, who’s always rolling their eyes and spirals into a negative tailspin when they are faced with a problem. The choice is easy. Your mentality is like a muscle, the more you practise being solutions-orientated and a pleasant co-worker; the easier it gets.

Keep your skillset sharp

It pays to be on your A game when it comes to your own personal progress. Continuously learning within your profession not only increases your chances of job retention, it also boosts the likelihood of nabbing a promotion. Look at the leaders in your field and see how they operate, which systems they use and which avenues they have explored. Aim to be the best in your field.

It’s the little things

Employers notice everything, even the things that you think might slip past them. Trying to style off that hangover you’re nursing? Everyone knows. This is why it’s so important to maintain a professional demeanour at your workplace. Look the part and dress smart. Ensure you’re groomed well – this means no shaggy locks or five o’clock shadows. Always be punctual- tardiness just screams poor time management and unreliability. And pay attention to the details – it’s not just about delivering great work.

Take the reins

If there’s one thing that frustrates managers; it’s always having to ask their subordinates to complete tasks. Whether it’s getting them started or encouraging them towards the finish line; no one likes to be the babysitter. Taking action can sometimes be daunting or confusing but with a little tenacity and resourcefulness, you can prove that you are able to handle things on your own with confidence. Being able to anticipate problems or tasks ahead of time is absolutely invaluable within the workplace. The easier you make your boss’s life, the more they will rely on you and need you.

But that’s not where it ends. There is so much you can do when it comes to being a key employee within an organisation. Don’t forget to include home habits such as fitness, meditation, eating healthy and raising your EQ (emotional intelligence). You can’t put your best face forward at work if you aren’t managing life at home. Always look at ways of bettering yourself and in turn this will translate into your professional life.