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What it Takes to Employ and Retain Gen Z

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​Generation Z is our newest named generation, born between 1995 and 2015 (making the oldest 25 years old). They are tech-natives, born in the era of tablets and smartphones, with an ability to use multiple devices and multi-task with ease. They are idealists and dream of changing the world we live in for the better. So what do they look for in a job?

Meaning and Purpose

Referred to as the ‘Change Generation’, Gen Z are hungry to make a difference in the world. 74% of them rank purpose ahead of a paycheck; they need to feel like they are contributing towards a better planet. Think roles with a purpose and significance, beyond earning potential.

Up-Skilling and New Experiences

Generation Z is not one to delegate. ‘If you want something done, then do it yourself’ is a motto many like to live by. 71% believe in taking the initiative to get things done. They are self-starters and thrive when given the responsibility to manage themselves. Beyond promotions, they really value growth and the opportunity to upgrade their skills.


An empowering work culture with honest relationships is incredibly important for this generation. These are the ‘no Photoshop’ kids who appreciate the truth being shone on everything. Authenticity is their buzz word and transparency is of the utmost importance. The same goes with work relationships – they want to foster real and genuine connections with their peers. They like to have informal and regular chats with management. They believe in an open door policy and aren’t afraid to speak their mind.

Corporate Responsibility

Gen Z value a moral compass in the organisation to which they give themselves. It’s important for their core values to also align with who they work with – seeing it almost as an extension of themselves. 38% want to work for a socially responsible and sustainable organisation. Pride in who they work for is very important: they want to feel connected to the mission statement of the company and experience a work culture which focuses on social purpose and honest values. Diversity and inclusion is also intrinsic to their happiness within a workplace. 60% will support brands that stand up for human rights, race and sexual orientation.


These guys are natural-born self starters who have the drive and ambition to make it out on their own. If they quit on you, chances are they are more than prepared to go solo. Almost half said they want to run their own business. A good idea would be to offer them the chance to ‘own’ their projects and hand them the reins when it comes to their work. This could increase how long they stay with you.

Positioning your brand in a way that appeals to our newest generation of employees (and keeps them there) will ensure longevity in your business. Keep evolving, stay on your toes and pave the way for tomorrow’s upper management…