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The Importance of Outsourcing Your Recruitment in Uncertain Times

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Countless industries have been affected in today’s changing world, leaving many people out of work. So as one door closes, many find themselves knocking on other doors and seeking alternative opportunities. This is where recruitment agencies have been stepping in, playing a vital role in helping employers and employees alike. As a business owner or hiring manager, why go through a recruitment agency rather than sticking out a good old-fashioned job ad?

Overqualified job seekers

Many have now lowered their expectations when it comes to looking for work. Individuals are focused on survival rather than seeking out job offers to further their career or fulfil their long-term needs. This unfortunately can mean a company investing time in an employee who may leave when a better opportunity arises. Recruitment agencies can be frank with their applicants and determine what they need and where they will best fit, so an organisation doesn’t end up with an unsuitable candidate.

Virtual interviews

Zoom interviews and meetings have become the norm. However some businesses find it too impersonal and struggle to gain real rapport through this medium. Although some may prefer to interview job seekers in person, we must adapt with the changing times, or risk missing out on great hiring opportunities. Outsourcing recruitment means all of this is taken care of, leaving the rapport-building (and the awkward broadband delays) to the pros.

Inside information

Recruiters are able to perform background checks on all individuals, which is essential when looking for the right hire. An agency is capable of doing in-depth research that a company is unlikely to have the time or resources to do with each and every candidate. They can check up on qualifications, references and carry out psychometric testing so that you can ensure that you have the right person for the job.

Expert market knowledge

Recruiters are specialists in their respective markets and are able to give valuable insights to human resources departments within organisations. They can advise on fair salaries, hiring complexities, how to attract quality candidates and more.

Cost and time savings

Saving time and money has never been more important for a lot of employers. Businesses are looking at many ways in which they can keep costs low and get through trying times. A smart way to do this is to hire experts who can make the hiring process easier, faster and more economical.

With all of these benefits, it’s easy to see why many companies are reaping the rewards of using recruitment agencies. Using an agency to save time, costs and increase employee retention helps to relieve the pressure from those who usually do the hiring within an organisation. In a changing world, we must also change so that we can move forward and not only survive, but thrive.