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New Year Promotions

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​2020 was challenging to say the least, and the hardships have been considerable for all. Our staff have been amazing, showing real resilience throughout.

Since we opened our doors over a decade ago, a huge focus of ours has been on the development of our staff, supporting and guiding them as they navigate through their graduate careers. Our training plan is built around the path to a senior or management role.

With all of the obstacles that last year brought, our training and mentorship programme was disrupted, meaning many of our hard-working team members missed out on their promotions.

So, we welcome in the new year with some positive news. We would like to recognise some of our outstanding team members and reward them with thoroughly deserved promotions. Some have been able to work throughout the past year, some have been on flex furlough, and others have not been able to work at all. But all have proved their loyalty and positive attitude, working hard and working through the many challenges they faced.

In the face of adversity, there is always room for growth, development and reward within our organisation. We value our employees and will continue to do so, whatever 2021 brings. We strongly believe a company is only as good as its people and we extend a whole-hearted thank-you to each of you for getting through a tumultuous year.

Congratulations to the staff members below who are stepping into their new roles:

Managing Consultant

Rachel Birbeck

Tejinder Singh

Alex Dale

Principal Consultant

Ailis Reilly

Evan Yabsley

Emily Crisp

William Macdonald

Emilie Stevenson

Shivana Jethwa

Senior Consultant

Sam Birt

Amy Mackley

Ehren Smith

Grace Webb

We hope you all thrive in your new roles and enjoy the road ahead. Here’s to the next chapter!