Our Reflection on 2021

Last year proved to be incredibly challenging and this year was started in complete lockdown. Although it’s built up an inner resilience inside of us, it’s only natural that we welcomed the past year with a nervous apprehension. Having lost a lot of ground in the previous year with the ever-changing landscape of working practises, in particular, working from home. We knew we had to make decisions, and quickly. 

Hybrid working policy

We introduced a hybrid ‘working from home policy’ and continued to reduce our use of the furlough scheme and welcomed as many staff back into the workplace as possible. This also allowed employees time to adjust to the changes made, encouraging a smooth transition. 

Improved salaries and retention

We also improved salaries and implemented a new attraction and retention strategy for the workforce to get ahead of the market later in 2021. To date, this has proven to be the right call and we have met staffing levels set earlier in the year, an outstanding achievement. 

May opening – new records

It was a slow start to the year whilst in lockdown, but we were able to reopen our offices in May and this proved to be the catalyst for our recovery. In a space of a few months, incoming vacancies and placements were at an all-time high and from September we have beaten multiple records set pre-covid. The effort, commitment, and determination from all members of staff has been nothing short of phenomenal and their hard work has been incredibly appreciated.

Working through Covid

We can’t show enough appreciation for our team members who worked throughout Covid and did not utilise furlough, they will have the opportunity to take their four-week paid sabbatical next year, as a thank you from the business for everything they did in the dark times of 2020. 

Final thoughts

With 2022 on the horizon, our sights are firmly set on continuing to increase headcount and diversifying into new sectors as we grow. We are incredibly proud of our recovery this year, but it couldn’t have been done without all of our wonderful staff who have given it everything; thank you! It’s in these times that we realise we are so much more capable than we know. Let us draw on this strength and these wins and go into the New Year with a newfound sense of enthusiasm and confidence!