Puppy love – The Era of Canine Co-Working

If you’ve ever taken your dog into the office you’ll know it immediately puts smiles on your co-workers’ faces and everyone gets a little giddy. But amidst these strange times, every day has been a take-your-dog-to-work day (or rather a stay-at-home-and-work-with-your-dog day!).

So how are we getting on with our new hairy office mates? Have you got a loyal Collie-gue or a ‘boss’ who barks orders at you all day?

Alarm Clock-er Spaniel

There is zero chance of sleeping in when you have a hungry pooch whining away for you to wake up and feed them. Expect insistent cries and/or scratches at the door until you get out of bed and serve them breakfast. Once you’re out of bed it’s easy to stay awake and start your day. Sorted!

As fit as a butcher’s dog

Feeling that mid-afternoon slump? It’s the perfect time to take your dog for a walk. Forget the extra coffee or reaching for a chocolate bar; instead grab the lead and pop out to the park. The fresh air and brisk walking will re-energise you and satisfy your playmate.

Concentration vs. Alsatian

Trying to hit an important deadline with limited hours or minutes to go can be difficult under pressure. And that pressure is the sad eyes of a dog who is begging for belly scratches (and won’t leave you alone until they get what they need). Over and over again. Oh dear…

Man’s best friend

Having a bad day? Can’t seem to get anything right? Our pets often bring moments of spontaneous joy to our lives with their constant antics. Dogs are great stress relievers. They provide comfort and help combat loneliness. One little look at your adoring doggie is sometimes all it takes to lift the mood.

Interruptions on the dog-and-bone

Technical glitches; slow broadband; the realisation that your trouserless bottom-half is actually visible to those on the other end – there are many things that add an unwelcome element of awkwardness to an important Zoom call. So when you’ve got centre stage, running through a crucial point, of course your dog is going to leap up and start yapping at the neighbour’s cat. Sigh.

It’s pretty obvious that our dogs have wonderful qualities that far outweigh any pesky habits they may have. Their unbridled enthusiasm at having us around never fades, no matter how much time they spend with us. When we all start heading back to the office, will our furry little sidekicks be joining us? (Bark once for yes, twice for no.)