How Blogging Can Enhance Your Job Application

There is nothing more satisfying than landing your dream job and being able to work in your area of passion and skill. But these days it’s not enough to be an expert in your field. You have to find a way to differentiate yourself from the rest of the competition. Blogging could well be the answer. But how?

It shows passion and commitment

A blog done in your own time – with no monetary reward – shows that you’re naturally excited about the field of work you’re in. It will highlight that you are dedicated, dynamic and thrive in sharing thoughts and ideas. Employers want someone with superior communications skills and who takes pride in their career. This could be your ticket in!

You have way more reach

Being a successful job applicant can be a numbers game. The more roles you apply for, the better your chances are of hearing those four magic words: when can you start? By putting yourself out in the internet stratosphere, you have the opportunity to be seen by many eyes. Write something controversial or interesting enough, and you might catch the attention of important decision-makers who you would never dream of contacting. This kind of exposure can lead to job opportunities, as many companies – especially in tech –  are always on the lookout for fresh, undiscovered talent.

It puts you in the same category as leaders

There’s a reason why organisations look for leaders when hiring. Employing effective managers can increase productivity; keep team morale high, and help add to a firm’s competitive edge. When you establish yourself as a blogger, you immediately communicate that you enjoy helping others by giving advice and solutions. You show that you have a keenness to enter dialogue and engage in healthy debates. Not only that, but you can demonstrate that you are an authority on a subject matter. And that’s an attractive quality to your future boss!

Think: digital footprint

What do prospective employers find when they google you? You’d better hope that your social media accounts are private. It’s all too easy to give them too much of a glimpse into your ‘fun’ side i.e. ability to cartwheel after too many sambucas. Perhaps not quite the skill-set an organisation may be looking for. With just one click, an individual can gauge who you are and your level of professionalism. Starting a blog helps you to dictate how you are perceived, which can put you in an influential position.

So what are you waiting for? Start blogging and boost your chances of giving your peers career envy.