So You’ve Been Promoted… Now What?

Congratulations on your promotion: excellent work!


Once you know your new responsibilities, the key will be to transition to your new role as cleanly as possible. There may be a few bumps along the road as you settle in, but that’s normal in any new position. Your head is probably spinning with all the new information you have to think about. So, we’ve put together a few post-promotion tips to help the next step in your career go as smoothly as possible.


Create a plan


It will be tempting to prove yourself and try to make big changes immediately. However, it’s more important to understand your new role and upgrade your knowledge before taking a running jump into the deep end of the pool. There’s nothing like stepping on a few corporate toes to quash any future chance for advancement. So instead, set a few short-term and long-term goals and look to put in place some small wins early on. Save the big stuff for when you’ve settled in and understood your place in the company hierarchy.


Don’t overthink it


Your promotion means you will have greater visibility and accountability in the company, so it’s easy to become anxious and to worry that you won’t succeed. Remember that you were promoted for a reason: because you demonstrated potential and proved yourself in a variety of ways. So keep in touch with those skills and the focus that got you the promotion in the first place.


Rally the troops


You may feel like you’re on the chopping block, and yes, your colleagues will be evaluating your approach to the job. This is nothing to be concerned about and can be a positive. Try and meet with each member of the team and discover any difficulties that you can change or help with. Ironing out the creases and creating smoother processes will help to win over your peers and build momentum in the team.


Reach out to your peers


It can be a daunting experience to establish yourself alongside your peers, so invite them for coffee to have a chat in an informal setting. This can help you to understand the team dynamics and secure good relationships. And don’t be afraid to accept advice. A good employee will collaborate and work together with their peers, supporting each other for the good of the business.


Receiving a promotion is a satisfying feeling, a validation of your skills and hard work. It is most important to prove that you can handle the promotion in the right way and not to let it go to your head. Don’t forget that where you have succeeded, someone else in your company will have missed out, so be humble. You’ll need the support of the whole team to climb the corporate ladder again in the future, so treat those bridges with some high intensity protection. Good luck.