My first year in Recruitment by Shivana Jethwa

Interestingly, the most difficult adjustment from University life to working life wasn’t getting up early every morning… it was actually trying to get back to sleep when your body clock would naturally wake on the weekends! I have never been an early bird, especially when I was at University, and those 8:30am lectures were torture to push myself out of bed for. However, it is safe to say that my 11 months at James Andrews Recruitment Solutions has matured me in a way that an 8:00am start is now a walk in the park… particularly when combined with a good cup of coffee!


My biggest reality shock starting here was comprehending that the work I was doing was not just directly impacting myself. I had to realise soon enough that my job was all about getting other people jobs and understanding how the quality of your work can directly affect their lives. The real world seemed so much scarier than going to a few lectures and taking some exams; there are no second chances in the real world. As terrifying a concept this may initially seem, it is also a gratifying one where you know you have tried your hardest to help someone make a living. However, it is also balancing that with the fact that you are ultimately competing in a high-intensity and highly profitable market.


Our typical day at James Andrews Recruitment Solutions will start at 8:00am. Each team will assemble for their own “Jobs meeting” and discuss their daily agenda based on what jobs they are currently working on. By 9:00am we commence our first session and blitz through as much as we can, aided by a cup of coffee or two. At 12:15pm we commence our rotary lunch breaks and by 2:00pm we are back at our desks ready to commence the second session of the day, which will run until 5:00pm. By this time of the day, we congregate into our teams and recap what we have achieved throughout the day. At this point, we will usually try to complete all of our necessary admin before calling it a day. Depending on what day however, these may run into the evening for a customary (perhaps more) drink at our local watering holes.


We have five different specialist teams and my specialism is Social Housing, the highest billing team in the company. With that title comes a lot of responsibility and being the newest member on the team can be daunting, to say the least. And yet, I have never really felt a sense of insecurity or admonishment about my limited experience, which largely stems from our fundamental ethos of working on a “team-basis.” Everyone wants you to do well and will work just as hard to ensure you succeed, which feels almost like the exact opposite of your university experience whereby you are entirely responsible for your own degree.


Whilst I have not yet hit the one year anniversary, it already feels like a family at the JARS London Office (*cue the cheesy violins*). As a SME, yet rapidly growing company, I find the atmosphere to be one where each person has their own unique sense of self whilst perfectly moulding into the structure of the London Office. You are not just flung into an entirely corporate and professional environment, but are in fact given carte blanche through which you can continue to develop your own character in both a professional and aspirational manner.


The great thing about a career in recruitment at James Andrews is that whilst we do evoke a healthy competitive spirit, this is targeted towards ourselves as opposed to your colleagues… barring the competitions we hold on our marketing sessions, many of which tend to bring out a few rough players! But overall, you really are given the chance to work hard and prove something to yourself, whether that be overcoming your inability to wake up in the morning to your new found talent of chucking random ingredients into some tupperware for lunch. James Andrews has enabled me to engage with a multitude of people on a highly professional level, work harder than I have ever done before with an opportunity for a long term career… and more importantly transcend my caffeine tolerance.