Neve Prosser
Consultant - Housing


University of Worcester


Film Studies and Screenwriting

Date joined

November 2019

Where are you from originally?

Originally from North Wales

What drew you towards a career in recruitment?

A career in Recruitment interested me because I wanted to build a long-lasting career, and work alongside hardworking and enthusiastic people

What first attracted you to James Andrews?

I was first attracted to James Andrews because of the inclusive environment and positive attitudes of the company employees

Why did you decide to seek a graduate role in Birmingham?

I was looking for a graduate role in Birmingham because although I’d lived in the West Midlands for University, I wanted to remain in a fast-paced city and experience a new and vibrant lifestyle

Favourite thing about working here so far?

There’s always something to do, I enjoy being busy and I like coming to work, to do work- it’s never boring

What has surprised you most about being a Recruitment Consultant?

The thing that’s surprised me most about being a Recruitment Consultant is that no two days are the same!

What have you enjoyed most so far about your day-to-day work or training?

The thing I’ve enjoyed most about my day-to-day training is how patient and helpful my trainers have been, I can never ask too many questions and they never mind triple checking my work!