Vanessa Ble
Consultant - Housing


University of Leicester



Date joined

May 2021

Where are you from originally?

I am from Enfield But I live  in South London (Penge)

What drew you towards a career in recruitment?

I liked that recruitment was a multifaceted industry, great career progression available and I was able to interact  with different people.

What first attracted you to James Andrews?

I liked  James Andrews due to the importance on the social element and it seemed like a team oriented environment

Why did you decide to seek a graduate role in London?

I live in London so it was the best fit to work in London

Favourite thing about working here so far?

The staff have been my favourite part about the job so far

What has surprised you most about being a Recruitment Consultant?

The amount of people that actually don’t pull through  and the amount of responsibility

What have you enjoyed most so far about your day-to-day work or training?

There is always something to do so I feel productive throughout my days. Also learning about the job has been interesting