Tiffany Eadie
Consultant - Human Resources


Leeds Beckett University


Business Management with Marketing

Date Joined

August 2019

Where are you from originally?

I have lived in Sunderland for most of my life but I was born in Northern Ireland

What drew you towards a career in recruitment?

What interested me about recruitment was the interaction with candidates and clients. I was also fascinated by the competitive and fast paced atmosphere

What first attracted you towards James Andrews?

The success achieved by the business in only 10 years

Why did you decide to seek a graduate role in Birmingham?

I sought out a placement in Birmingham to be in one of the UK’s biggest and fast growing cities. I felt this was a good base to start building a career. I also have people I am close to in Birmingham who give me a great support network

Favourite thing about working here so far?

My favourite part about working at JARS is the social environment and how friendly everyone is

What has surprised you most about being a Recruitment Consultant?

What has surprised me the most about becoming a recruitment consultant is how quickly my confidence has increased in just over a week!

What have you enjoyed most so far about your day-to-day work or training?

In my day-to-day work I have mostly enjoyed talking to candidates over the phone. The more I do it the easier and less nerve-wracking it gets