Persephone Pritchard
Consultant - Housing


University of York


Politics and International Relations

Date joined

August 2019

Where are you from originally?

Born in Leeds, but moved to London when I was a baby

What drew you towards a career in recruitment?

I love talking to people and would always get in trouble for talking too much! I thought recruitment would be a great opportunity to apply my communication skills. The opportunity to progress quickly in my career was definitely appealing as well

What first attracted you to James Andrews?

When I first came for my interview everyone was so friendly, even when I was interviewing I could hear everyone laughing in the office and it seemed like a really fun place to work

Why did you decide to seek a graduate role in London?

I love living in London so I wanted to move back home after Uni, as well as save some money

Favourite thing about working here so far?

The work hard, play hard atmosphere

What has surprised you most about being a Recruitment Consultant?

How easily I was able to fit into the office and role – everyone was really welcoming

What have you enjoyed most so far about your day-to-day work or training?

Learning something new every day and being able to apply what I’ve learnt straight away