Jaiye Maja
Consultant - Housing


Masters: Royal Holloway University of London.
Undergraduate: University of West England (UWE)


Sustainability and Management MSc

Geography Ba

Date joined

November 2019

Where are you from originally?

Born in Surrey, moved to Nigeria for two years during GCSE’s, then moved back to Surrey. I am mixed race, my dad is Nigerian and my mum is Anglo-Indian (mixed Caucasian and Indian)

What drew you towards a career in recruitment?

I have some relatives who are in recruitment e.g. my cousin who has 12 years’ experience in recruitment, so I was already aware and interested in the sector

What first attracted you to James Andrews?

The friendly environment at JARS stood out from other more cut-throat recruitment agencies that I interviewed at or looked at in London

Why did you decide to seek a graduate role in London?

The team based working environment alongside the robust training programme was very reassuring. Due to the training being so comprehensive, I felt I would be able to fully learn the industry and eventually become a specialist in my given department (Social Housing)

Favourite thing about working here so far?

How everyone is so friendly and approachable regardless of their job title, I appreciate that I am able to speak to both new starters and senior members of the team for advice or guidance

What has surprised you most about being a Recruitment Consultant?

Calling clients isn’t as scary as you might think at first!

What have you enjoyed most so far about your day-to-day work or training?

I have enjoyed how quickly you are able to call candidates and clients to get actual first-hand experience in the job. Although I have just started my marketing training I feel like I will get all the necessary practice and feedback I will need to improve and learn how to properly speak to clients