Acts of Kindness

It has certainly been a challenging few years in which we have needed each other more than ever, and where support and encouragement have gone a long way. Sometimes it’s the little moments that have mattered the most and have kept us going and it’s important we keep this up as we return to normality. After all, spreading good vibes can help boost morale and contributes to a nicer working environment for everyone! So how can we really show our appreciation for one another in the office and help lift our colleagues spirits?


Positive words of encouragement go a long way when it comes to lifting someone’s mood. Have each of your team anonymously write things they admire about one another. Have colleagues do it for every person in the team including management. Finding out how much we are appreciated and respected is a wonderful way to build morale and confidence. Let these precious words etch themselves in our memories, and be a place to draw love and strength from when we find ourselves in difficulty.

Sweet treats

Bringing in a batch of freshly baked cakes is a sure-fire way to liven things up in the office. Add a round of coffees to the mix and you have a recipe for pure joy! It’s the little things that can really make a difference to our day. Bring everyone together for a snack break to swap stories and talk over weekend plans. These small moments are a welcome break in the day and help to add a little bit of positivity and fun.

Offer to help

As we approach the time of year we start to take our holidays, there is always a mad rush to get things finished and some of us are more swamped than others. If you find yourself up to date with your work and you have some time, offer to help your colleagues with their workload. Helping someone in need can alleviate a lot of stress and it’s also nice to know that others care.


Give your team a platform to share anything that may be on their mind. Actively listening and understanding one another really helps to foster feelings of being appreciated and truly heard. Having an open and honest approach can encourage others to be transparent with their feelings as well as vulnerable. It’s this vulnerability which allows us to break down walls and connect to one another in a genuine way. These conversations can really help build community and belonging.