How to Prepare for Returning to the Office

After an exceptionally long time working from the comfort of our own home, being thrust back into the reality of trekking to the office can be overwhelming. Gone is the notion of waking up early only if there’s a Zoom call and not giving a hoot if you haven’t brushed your hair that day. Now we are back to routine, socialising and set lunch times. Yes, that’s right, we can’t procrastinate by hitting up our fridge or Netflix account every hour. And for some, there’s also an unavoidable anxiety hanging over our heads about the general safety of the situation. So, what do we do?

Speak up about safety

When it comes to your work environment; you have the legal right to ask your employer what their Covid safety policy is, so you know what to expect. Reading through the protocol should ease your fears and let you know they are committed to safety. If you find that the standards are not being adhered to, you can have a word with your senior and express your concerns. When it comes to travelling on public transport, have your mask on at all times and keep your hand sanitiser handy. Do what you can, when you can. Don’t be afraid to be assertive when it comes to socially distancing yourself. A gentle reminder to others can help, you don’t have to be combative – just speak up and let your feelings be known.

Slowly get back into routine

Have you ditched the alarm clock and having been waking up when you please? Maybe now is the time to start easing yourself back into work life and waking up at a regular hour again. It’s also a good time to ditch the pyjamas and get dressed in the morning. Start dusting off your work attire and get it washed and ironed. Having everything prepared will make your mornings that much easier. Still feeling stagnant and unmotivated? Getting back into a good rhythm by going for a morning run or yoga session will do wonders. All of these will help get your mojo back for returning to the office.

Think of the positives

Sometimes we are so busy fretting about our concerns that we forget to acknowledge any of the upsides of a situation. Many have suffered extreme loneliness during the pandemic. Returning to work solves the crisis of isolation and allows us to come together, share our experiences and have a sense of camaraderie and companionship. Also being able to separate your home from the workspace will really make a difference. You really enjoy your abode when you’ve been busy working elsewhere. There’s nothing like walking through the door and exhaling a breath of relief at making it home and getting ready to relax.

Remember that the adjustment period will take some time, just as it took time to settle into working from home. But our ability to adapt is infinite, embrace the change and welcome all the good that is to come. Stepping outside of our comfort zone is always hard, but the further we stretch it, the more resilience we build and the happier and more confident we become.