How Our Workplace is being Shaped for the Better

The last 18 months have been incredibly disruptive, changing our world irrevocably. We have seen major adjustments in the workplace meaning changes in industry and working from home becoming the new normal. This newfound chaos isn’t all bad news though! It has surprisingly ignited some welcome changes to work culture.

Increased empathy

Modern work environments have often repeated the sentiment that we should leave our emotions at the door when we step into the office. Going through a global pandemic as a collective has brought us closer together. We relate to each other’s hardships and moments of inconvenience. Unruly children crashing a conference call would have been seen as a catastrophe in the past, but these days it’s a funny and welcome distraction. These glimpses into our co-workers’ lives build a sense of realness and community that we are all craving right now. As a result, we are more forgiving and understanding towards each other and that can only be a good thing.


Given no choice but to set up office at home, the workforce has been thrust into unfamiliar territory. But after adapting to the changes, many realised that this change brought newfound flexibility and benefits. No longer being micromanaged has meant employees have autonomy over their own schedules and time management. Less time spent on commuting has allowed for more free time to catch up on house chores, partake in an online pilates class or indulge in a nice bath. We are masters of our own domain!


With our personal health under the spotlight, we are coming to realise the important things in life. No longer is it admirable to work yourself to the bone to complete a project. We are realising the importance of spending time with family, enjoying a holiday and catching up with friends. Things we once took for granted. This epiphany can align us with what makes us truly happy and happier employees are more productive and creative ones.


All that we have endured has undoubtedly shown us that we are built tougher than we thought. Our ability to cope (and sometimes not cope) with a reality that once resembled the unthinkable has truly brought out our inner superhero. The small things we used to worry about, no longer weigh on our mind. We have levelled up in so many ways- that’s something to be proud of!

Often, it’s the toughest moments in life that can shape us and the world for the better; in ways that we would never have imagined. By shifting our focus to the good that has come out of a turbulent time, we can begin to spread seeds of hope, possibility and positivity; knowing that all we have endured is for a brighter future.