The Importance of Wellbeing in the Workplace

The value of our health has never been so important as it is now. Long hours, seemingly impossible targets and challenges at home, can push feelings of stress to critical levels. At the core, wellbeing is all about personal happiness. When employees are feeling good; they are productive, engaged with others, make better choices and are more capable in dealing with their work. Everyone wins! It is such a crucial time to look after one another beyond the ‘are you okay’ day. But how do we integrate this into work culture to ensure no one gets left behind?

Do the research

Embrace the opportunity to dig deep and find out how your team feel about the current company culture. Reviewing the way you do things gives you a fresh opportunity to see what’s working and what is falling apart, as we can’t afford to turn a blind eye to the latter. You can do this by way of focus groups or even anonymous surveys to get some really honest feedback where there’s no fear of any repercussions.

Act on it

Once you have had the chance to analyse your feedback; take action! If stress is rife among employees then introduce free meditation workshops and help teach your team how to quieten the mind and find stillness. Or perhaps develop fitness initiatives as physical health is so crucial when it comes to being able to tackle the day with confidence. A 10,000 steps a day fitness challenge is a great way to start and is a fantastic way for employees to come together to share common goals and celebrate their wins. Providing positive solutions for your team is very empowering for those who have had grievances with the current work culture. It shows others that they are being listened to and even more- that they matter.

Give employees a voice

Mental health issues affect 1 in every 6 British workers. It’s crucial to create an environment where employees feel they can talk candidly with one another or management, without judgement. Reward and encourage vulnerability- it will go a long way in showing that you value your employees. Create private areas where people can talk with one another. Sometimes the most honest conversations can happen over a cup of coffee after a particularly bad day. Creating spaces for these discussions is key.

Wellbeing is for everyone. It’s time to incorporate the right systems, procedures and policies in order to support and protect employees. Our most important resource is human resources. By valuing people over profit; companies in turn are able to watch productivity soar, sales increase and sick days are kept to a minimum. Result!