Opportunity Knocks

When life steers you in a different direction, we have two choices: to either resist, or to pivot. The latter can really help you deal with uncertainty and pave the way for fresh opportunities. The lenses we use to view the world can have a dramatic effect on our lives.

A new year has not magically created a new, virus-free world. But we can certainly use it to create a new metaphorical world, where we can cultivate fresh ideas and a new start. If you’re on furlough or have been made redundant, start thinking outside the box and rely on your resourceful nature. You have it within you.

Confirmation Bias

If you deeply and inherently believe in something or are constantly visualising and imagining ideas, more often than not they will present themselves to you. This is the same as when a woman decides to finally try for a baby and then all she seems to see are pregnant women – this is because her brain has tapped into this thought. These women were always there, she is just now noticing and choosing to see them. The same can be said for opportunities. Make it your business to come into contact with anyone who is recruiting and keep scanning social media posts, LinkedIn and online job adverts.


How’s your current role? What don’t you like? What doesn’t fit in with your lifestyle? Perhaps it was the early starts, the formal attire you had to dress in or maybe your colleagues weren’t very inspiring. Now make a list of everything you want in a new role. Be specific. Do you want more of a creative input or have you got secret skills that you can’t wait to unleash? Make it your business to seek out a new opportunity that genuinely excites you about getting up in the morning.


Sometimes you know exactly what you want to do… But perhaps you don’t have the necessary qualifications to do it. Get busy and start using your time wisely. There is an abundance of free learning tools online where you can go at your own pace and get smart. Lockdown is the perfect time to knuckle down and study, study, study! With everything closed, there’s no FOMO factor. Beat the rest by making use of all the free hours that you have.

Yes, it’s tough to navigate through change in an unsteady world. But there are those who will admit defeat and there are those who will look for another way. Be a solutions-orientated kind of human, someone who is always looking for an opportunity amidst a perceived crisis. As the saying by Rumi goes, ‘What you seek is seeking you.’ Good luck.