Planning a Virtual Christmas Party

The legendary office Christmas party… not even a global pandemic can stop this annual soirée. It’s a chance to wrap up what’s been an extremely surreal year. It’s also a great opportunity to get festive and deliver a good dose of much-needed positivity and camaraderie. With safety a primary concern, it can seem a daunting task to plan an online do. So how exactly do you successfully pull off a virtual get-together and ensure everyone has a fun time in front of their screens? The answer is in the preparation – organisation is key!

Dress code

Fancy dress is an absolute must! Whether it’s a terrible Christmas jumper, reindeer antlers or a bold Santa outfit, dressing up pushes the play button on silliness. Giggle and laugh at your screen mates when you discover what everyone has come as. A great way to break the ice and leave your seriousness at the digital door.

Deliver the goods

A really fabulous idea is to send a food and drinks package to each attendee so they have some bubbly and canapés on hand! Kick back on your Zoom chat and enjoy the finest pigs in blankets and mince pies. Guaranteed to lift moods and fill bellies! Another way of doing this is to send a credit for a food delivery service so recipients can pick and choose what they like. Yum!

Secret Santa

Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without Secret Santa! Assign each person a name ahead of time and arrange for gifts to be sent in time for the party. Then take turns opening each gift online and prepare to either be dazzled with a beautiful and ornate Christmas ornament, or feign enthusiasm at the Greggs themed leggings – yes there is such a thing.


Nothing says Christmas like receiving some seriously cool gifts (well, apart from the obvious family time, the spirit of giving and so forth…). Get your invitees excited with a game of Bingo – enviable prizes included. You can add in extra rostered day off, a cash prize or an online voucher, all from a very generous Santa Claus.

Scavenger hunt

A virtual, Christmas-themed scavenger hunt is a great way to get everyone engaged. Create a list of items that need to be found around the house and set a timer for the time allowed. An explanation behind the object is a great touch to add some hilarity. Add in objects such as:

  • The most Christmassy thing you can find in your house
  • Your favourite present of all time
  • Best Christmas Card
  • Worst Christmas jumper

…There are endless ideas and fun to be had with this one!

Although it may feel strange and unfamiliar to have an online party, we must not be deterred. Adjusting and adapting is more important than ever. What matters is that we all celebrate, come together and create wonderful memories to look back on. Christmas spirit is in the details, in the laughter, in the smiles and in the way we make each other feel. And even though we can’t all physically be together, we can still lift each other up and add some holiday cheer to each other’s lives. Merry Christmas!