Jobs of the Future, Today

With time comes change. Humanity and technology are evolving: over the last decade, we’ve seen our future dramatically reshaping itself before us. The way we live, purchase, eat, travel and communicate have all created markets that never previously existed. And, new markets bring brand new opportunities. The digital age has brought with it a variety of exciting new vocations, many of which give us the chance to be our own boss. Here’s just a handful of career choices that didn’t exist a mere ten years ago…

Podcast Producer

Podcasting is still a relatively new concept to many. In 2005 Steve Jobs claimed that it was the new generation of radio and he wasn’t wrong. Gone are the days of needing a recording studio with expensive equipment. Podcasting has turned into a very lucrative business platform, which has amassed a loyal following and has enabled amateur radio hosts to have their voices heard.

SEO Specialist

It used to be all about getting magazines and newspapers in front of as many eyes as possible. The catchy headlines and alluring photos of supermodels were paramount. Now that the majority of news and entertainment has moved online, the need for SEO specialists has emerged. It’s all about how many hits your website can get and your search engine rankings. 

App Developer

Have a new business idea? Chances are that it will be to your advantage to turn into an app. This is where developers come in to test, conceptualise and create a software application for the user or a specific need. A great way to get your whole business on a tablet or smartphone – how did we ever live without them?!

Driverless Car Engineer

As kids, when we thought of the future, flying cars seemed easier to comprehend than driverless ones. But here we are. Specialised software engineers need to ensure a high level of software quality. It is estimated that between 2025-2030, 20% of car sales will actually be autonomous vehicles.

Sustainability Manager

Sustainability has been a fast-growing sector in the last ten years. With companies keen to either do their bit or improve their image, corporate responsibility never looked so good. With climate change on the rise, and an increased awareness of how humanity is affecting the planet, it is now sacrilegious to operate without a moral conscience.

Although we find ourselves in an uncertain and surreal time, we are also embarking on a journey of new thought and industry. We are collectively paving the way for a brighter future where we can thrive rather than just survive. And with so much information at our fingertips it has never been easier to learn or upgrade our skillset. Opportunity awaits us!