COVID-19: Upping Your Game Through Learning

While the entire world undergoes a major shift, our thoughts turn to how we can endure this crisis and come out on top. It can be stressful managing financial survival whilst also coping with the emotional repercussions of today’s current climate. One way to deal with this is to review your current skillset and explore how you can widen your repertoire. There has never been a better time to learn. So how do you adapt and position yourself so that you’re ready for any opportunities that come your way?


Instead of approaching COVID-19 as a problem, look at it as the opportunity of a lifetime. This is prime time to buckle down and develop a new skill, free of any outside distractions. No after-work drinks or meeting friends for lunch or going to the cinema! Utilise the time wisely and resist the urge to to binge watch Netflix series. You don’t want to waste the time away. In time you can look back and remember it as the time where you levelled up your game.

Online training

The internet provides, always. We have YouTube tutorials, online courses, podcasts and more at our fingertips, on just about any subject that stimulates our curiosity. Take advantage of this and unearth your inquisitive nature. Be thirsty for knowledge and learn, learn, learn. On a budget? Don’t let that stop you. Udemy and other sites offer courses free of any cost. Result!

Soft skills

Don’t ignore personal development! Improving your work ethic, communication, time management or attitude are just as important, if not more so. Taking the time to develop these areas shows employers that you are driven to grow. Investing in yourself is always a good idea. Showing others that you prioritise self-growth shows you are engaged.

Move in the right direction

Focus your up-skilling with the ‘new normal’ in mind. World events influence current industry trends. There may be new methods of working. Remote working will be embraced so upping your understanding of technology has invaluable benefits right now. Always look to the future and see how the change will affect you and how you can adapt so that you are always included.

Times of uncertainty can peel back layers of our psyche to reveal an inner resilience and strength. Embracing change and evolving with it can help us grow and come out on top. So welcome this opportunity to learn and grow, for it may bring about changes you only dreamed of!