Connected Through COVID-19

The ongoing COVID-19 crisis is affecting every aspect of our normal life. The lockdown has left most us working from home and feeling decidedly isolated from our colleagues.

Setting up office at home can feel demoralising. You don’t have a change of space to get you into can-do mode and you may miss seeing your work buddies. So how do we keep up with our work schedules and stay connected, when we have never felt more distant from one another? Here at James Andrews we have been determined to keep morale and motivation high.

WhatsApp Quiz

Something as simple as an emoji quiz in your work WhatsApp group can work wonders in keeping your team connected. They get everyone talking and there’s nothing like a bit of healthy competition!

Virtual Party

We’ve loved bringing the team together for evening drinks via Zoom. How about stepping it up another level by showing off your mixologist skills and giving a live demo of how to make an espresso martini? And after you’ve sunk a few of those espresso martinis – virtual karaoke?! Anything that livens things up and breaks the monotony of the week is a good idea.

Play Nice

Now more than ever, it’s important to be kind to one another. Everyone is going through their own challenges and appreciating your colleagues goes a long way. Did someone help you out with an assignment when you really needed it? Tell them! A little compliment can really brighten someone’s day.

We know remote working is important, but remote relationships are just as crucial. Stay connected!