COVID-19 Statement

In light of recent events, we feel compelled to reach out to our clients and candidates to shed some clarity on the situation surrounding COVID-19. Although there is an air of uncertainty as to how things will unfold, we will continue to ensure that business will operate as usual (with a few changes, of course):

  • Our team will be working remotely in order to comply with government advice regarding safety and regulations that have been set in place. The health and wellbeing of our staff, contractors and clients is our number one priority. This means continued support whilst we navigate through this challenging time.
  • We will carry on assisting those seeking job opportunities. The market has changed and this can be advantageous for some. We have clients who need temporary key worker positions to be filled urgently and we are also recruiting for remote-working roles.
  • For payroll purposes, we had already implemented digital systems in order to support those who are working remotely. This will ensure that the transition is both seamless and easy to adapt to.
  • Our operating hours remain the same, as well as our contact numbers. We are ready and available to assist through email, landline and mobile.

By implementing our business continuity plan on Monday 9th of March, we have had the foresight to prepare and plan so we could hit the ground running in these circumstances. This way we have ensured we can successfully support our team and our clients.

Finally, we wish you and all your loved ones good health.

For details on how to get in touch with us, head over to our contact page.