Working Over Christmas: How to Make it Out Alive

‘Tis the season to be seriously stressed. All your pals are Instagramming their Christmas fun and you’re stuck at the office, watching an endless stream of out-of-office emails land in your inbox. Urgh. So exactly how can you make it through to 2020 with your sanity firmly intact? Here’s the low-down…

Sugar by the sleighful

The days feel longer and you’re seriously flagging. It’s time to sugar-load, my friend. This calls for the big guns: chocolate, cake, mince pies and Hobnobs aplenty! And don’t just get high off your own supply, boost morale by sharing treats with the team. A pack of strawberry glazed donuts can do wonders for a colleague on the verge of a breakdown.

Be a wise man (or woman)

Choose your battles wisely. If you make it your business to attend every Christmas drinks invitation, then prepare to wither and perish. Limit your boozy nights out. Otherwise you will make mistakes, suffer at work and will have to put in extra long hours. And face it: you just don’t have the capacity for these kinds of shenanigans right now.

A cup of Joe-ho-ho

Do not – I repeat, do not – hold back on the caffeine. Coffee has a magical way of producing energy when you are severely low in reserves. If you want to meet those deadlines; keep that smooth, creamy, black liquid flowing.

Deck the office

If your office doesn’t feel like a winter wonderland, take it upon yourself to bring in your tinsel remnants and spruce (Christmas tree pun intended) the place up a bit. Down time? Turn the contents of your waste paper bin into paper chains. Bringing a bit of Christmas into work will make you and your team feel 100% jollier.

Festive fitness

Don’t skip your morning workout. It’s probably the last thing you feel like when the mornings are dark, cold and eerily quiet, but it will set you up for the day ahead. You will have more clarity, focus, energy and serotonin – your happy chemical! Vital for pushing you to the finish line.


It’s been one hell of a year. We’ve all made it through together. Keep the positive energy going; energy is extremely infectious and it only takes one bad egg to stir up tensions. Tempted to complain and commiserate? Crack a joke and offer words of encouragement instead. Look on the bright side, the glass is always half full! Especially when it’s delicious mulled wine. Merry Christmas and good luck!