Your Guide to Surviving the Office Christmas Party

The mulled wine is free-flowing, the mince pies are plenty, the Christmas sweaters are abundant… and the chances of a scandal? Well let’s just say we have an amber alert. The yearly Christmas soirée is the time to end the year with your colleagues on a sweet note, or lose all dignity and earn yourself an unsavoury nickname. Yikes! So how do you emerge from the festivities unscathed and reputation intact? Read on for our fail-proof guide.

Don’t. Get. Too. Drunk. The number one commandment. This one has the ability to turn you into the Christmas gremlin. Drink lots of water between drinks and make a pact with one of your work friends to keep an eye on each other, in case one of you is slipping into oblivion.

Don’t start happy snapping or sharing messy videos and photos on your social media. Going live on FB while your buddy in accounts is chugging a tequila bottle is a very bad idea. It could affect the reputation of the organisation, as well as your own.

Don’t get too flirty. No one wants to be the office creep with the roaming hands. This is not your live Tinder opportunity. It’s still work, so keep it professional. And for goodness sake; do not go home with a plus one.

Don’t try to be the boss’s best mate. There’s always that one person that takes this opportunity to hog the boss, never seeming to leave their side. They laugh a little too hard at their jokes and eventually drink so much that they end up asking for a raise. This is often followed by spending the next few months inwardly cringing, and never uttering another word to their senior.

Don’t call in sick the next day. I don’t care if you’ve spent the night hugging the toilet and have to scrape yourself off the ground, just get to work. Yes there will be others like you, hungover and looking like death. But there’s a respect and camaraderie in getting through the next day together.

Do eat the food and line your stomach! Before you have your first drink, make a beeline for the sausage rolls and fill up. Your body will thank you later.

Do take the opportunity to socialise with people who you don’t usually talk to. It’s a great time to make new connections when everyone is feeling a lot more relaxed.

Do give yourself a curfew. Being the last person standing at a party is admirable but not when it comes to work. You just don’t want to be the person who’s not quite ready to call it a night.

Do have a good time! You’ve all worked bloody hard (hopefully), and this is a celebration of that. There is a buzz in the air as Christmas day approaches, and new year’s celebrations are on the horizon. So let loose (not too loose), and bust some moves on the dance floor as you let your fun side shine.