5 Reasons to Take a Work Sabbatical

The world of work has changed. A job for life is out, while remote working and career changes are in. With this increase in flexibility, work sabbaticals have become increasingly popular.

For those who don’t know:

  • A sabbatical is a break from work, which mostly lasts between 3 months to a year.
  • It’s mostly unpaid unless your company has a policy that states otherwise. Either way getting yourself a sabbatical agreement is a must.

There are lots of reasons why a sabbatical is a good idea. Mainly it depends on your individual circumstances. But we’ve put together our top 5 reasons why people take a sabbatical. See if you can find yourself in here…


Achieving further learning is one of the most popular reasons to take a sabbatical from work. For some, career growth has taken them to the point where further learning is necessary. A chance to fill a few gaps in knowledge is beneficial to their business. For others, it’s just something they really want to do.


There’s nothing quite like making a difference. The chance to help disadvantaged people is a hard thing to turn down. You may come back a changed person with an entirely different perspective.


Rest and recovery go hand-in-hand. A bout of illness or a long-term condition can really drain a person. Similarly, if a family member has been ill, they may need support. Whatever the reason, taking time off to recuperate can be just what you need.


Trying to decide if you’re on the right career path is difficult if you’re standing in the middle of the fast lane. Taking time off to find yourself or pursue your passion can be extremely beneficial. So many of us fall into a career without really thinking it through. Time away from the office can give the perspective you need to know if you’re on the right track.


If you’ve been in the same job for a while, the monotony can impact how you feel about your career. Often people use a work sabbatical to change the pace of their lives. Having a meaningful break from the daily grind can make a big difference: returning refreshed can be the boost your career needed all along.

If you’re looking for time to rest and reflect, or for adventure and new experiences, a sabbatical from work is for you. Here at James Andrews, our sabbatical policy means you can take some quality time away from work without worrying about whether or not your job will be waiting for you on your return. Sounds good, right? Check out our other benefits here or drop your CV to us!