Graduate Scheme Ahoy!

Graduating sees the end of one chapter and the search for the next. Your degree unlocks a whole heap of doors to your future, the question is: which one will you open?

Many UK employers run graduate schemes. They are extremely beneficial to newbies looking for professional employment or for those aiming for a particular specialism. They offer a perfect opportunity for hands-on experience, coupled with training programmes to help you set your career at the right trajectory.

A good graduate scheme will offer extensive training, with a clear development path. Typically, schemes last up to two years, but some do last longer. Most employers will be looking for a 2.1 or above, but often a 2.2 is acceptable if you bring other experience to the table.

Here at James Andrews, we run our own graduate scheme, which offers a rewarding career in recruitment and gets you into employment at the right level, from the offset.

So how does it work?

We’re an expanding business with locations in:

  • Leicester
  • Birmingham
  • London

…and we’re looking for bright individuals to join our graduate scheme, at any of these locations.

There’s no psychometric testing and we consider extra-curricular achievements alongside your degree.

First steps

Each applicant will have three interviews:

  1. Managing Consultant
  2. Principal Managing Consultant
  3. Managing Director

A sample day at the office is a must. You’ll get to meet and greet the crew and see what recruitment at James Andrews is like. This is a two-way process after-all and happy staff are productive staff.


You’ll be given an in-depth induction to the business and be assigned a personal mentor and manager from the get-go.

Your initial training will cover your first 14 weeks with us and will be structured on a daily and weekly basis.

The full cycle of training for a consultant is 58 weeks, with monthly appraisals to see how you’re doing and to get your feedback.

Fast-paced development

In the first year, you’ll learn the ropes and apply that knowledge. After 12 months, the best consultants get the chance to take our Senior Consultant training programme [insert exciting music here].

Every day in James Andrews is a learning day and this programme lasts for six months.

Once this level is achieved, you will be automatically added to our Principal Consultant billing promotion path [more exciting music and much whooping].

It will take around 30 months in total for you to achieve the billing required for this level and be awarded with full autonomy.

Whilst on the automatic path to Principal Consultant, those with the right qualities get the opportunity to pursue the path to management.

James Andrews is an organic business and we grow as our people grow. All promotions are in-house, and as accredited ‘Investors in People’ Silver, we were praised for our efforts in developing our people and the interest we show in their progression.


We offer a competitive base salary and an uncapped commission scheme from the very beginning of your employment with us.

Our staff enjoy perks such as a free gym membership, flexible working incentives and an enhanced maternity policy. For more information on the benefits of working for James Andrews, check out our website.

So what do you think? Fancy working for a forward-thinking employer in a friendly and supportive environment? We can only show you the door. You must walk through it.