How to Prepare for Graduation Day

It’s finally here! Three (or four) years’ hard work culminating in that one day where you get to dress up in a cloak and cap and pretend to be a wizard.


(Those gowns have some serious twirl factor too, so action shots are a must).


That tip was a freebie. Here are our ten official tips to prepare for your graduation day:


Tuck in

It goes without saying that a good breakfast is almost always a good idea. And even though you may feel too nervous to eat, you should definitely grab a breakfast that will keep you going. Graduations can go on far longer than anticipated. You don’t want your stomach to be louder than the cheers.


Get the timing right

Get there half an hour before you think you should. A lot of people will be trying to park. Crowds of families will be heading towards the venue and there’ll be long queues to get gowned up. So prepare and get there early. You don’t want to be late for your own graduation.


Safety first

Bring some safety pins to keep your sash in place. They’re always moving while you sit and stand. Pinning it in place will ensure you don’t need to stress about it as you stand up to receive your degree. Keep them pinned inside a lapel or cuff just in case.


Graduation perspiration

Sitting in a hall packed with people, sandwiched between your fellow graduates… it’s going to get hot. You’ll be wearing layers and will be desperate for a hose-down after the first few speeches. Wear something light and breathable and, most importantly, keep hydrated.


Use the toilet!

When the opportunity arises, GO, for heaven’s sake! And go often. Or you will regret it when you’re stuffed in like sardines with your bladder screaming for release.


Be prepared to clap. A lot.

You will spend most of the ceremony clapping for every name that’s called. Prepare yourself for some stinging palms. But your peers will be clapping for you too, so return the favour and celebrate your achievements together.


Put your best foot forward

For the ladies: if you can’t walk in high heels, then your graduation ceremony is not the place to practise. A nice pair of kitten heels or pretty flats look very classy, so don’t risk your ankles or your dignity for the sake of a few inches.


For everyone: Make sure you’ve already broken in new shoes. Aching feet will ruin your day.



As much as your face will ache, get those pics. Throw the cap (if you’re allowed), get the group shots, utilise the props your uni has around the place. Enjoy this time with your friends. You may not be together like this for some time and, in some cases, you might never see them again. This is the end of your life as a student (unless you have postgraduate plans). You’ll want to have those memories to look back upon and enjoy, so give your family free-rein on the photos.



This is your moment, you’ve worked hard for this. Try and put the stresses aside. When you walk across that stage and receive your degree, make sure you take it all in. You’ve earned it, you deserve it. Well done, you!


Drink it up!

Go to the university’s ‘after party’ and grab a drink or two, or six. Socialise with your tutors and celebrate yourself. Graduation isn’t the end, it’s only the beginning. Take this moment to take stock of the time you’ve had to study before the next step in your life begins.


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