Spring Clean Your Career Clutter

The warm weather has started peeping through the clouds… rejoice! We’re in the midst of spring, so it’s time to blow out the cobwebs. Have a stiff shot of caffeine if you must, but tackle your clutter and enjoy a fresh start and boost of motivation. Here are our top tips to spring clean your career clutter:

Clean your desk

Let’s face it, we practically live at our desks these days. Eating lunch, having ad hoc meetings, procrastinating, drinking (and probably spilling) copious amount of tea and coffee. In 2018 the Independent found that the average desk has 400 times more germs than a toilet seat! So whip out those antibacterial wipes and give your work space the old spit and polish (figuratively speaking, we wouldn’t advise you actually slobber on your desk). Don’t forget your phone, keyboard and mouse, since your work space could be harbouring over 51,000 bacteria per square inch! If that’s not a bit of dirty motivation, we don’t know what is.

De-clutter your desktop

Do you need all those icons on your desktop? Check through all the extras on your computer and pare them back. This includes your inbox of course which, if you’re like most people, is probably full of emails that have already been closed off and some dating back years. You don’t want to end up dropping the ball due to a disorganised desktop. Take this opportunity to spruce-moose it. Trust us, a crammed inbox can lead to all kinds of crises: missed opportunities, unwatched deadlines. Organise it, keep on top of it and be happier for it.

Rethink your to-do’s

To-do or not to-do, that is the question. If you’re finding it hard to complete your to-do lists then you’re in good company. In 2012 the Huffington Post reported that, of 6,000 respondents to a LinkedIn survey, only 11% manage to tick off all of their daily to-do’s. The main culprit: distractions in the office. Boo! The blame was laid at the feet of meetings, phone calls and emails, which, in a professional environment, is hard to avoid since it’s your job and all. Why not try this little productivity trick:

Go through your list and mark out items that are both

  1. Important
  2. Urgent

Prioritise these items, breaking them down into individual elements if you need to. Also, keep a ‘done’ list: there’s something extremely satisfying about seeing productivity mount up.

So, clear your workspace clutter and see your output increase. It’s also a great motivator to improve other aspects of your job, such as processes and paperwork. You might even find the time to rethink your career goals. And if that’s the case, why not get your CV over to us?