The Brexit Effect: Social Housing and Property Management Survey

The value of the pound decreased again this week, and manufacturing saw the highest job cuts in six years. It’s clear that the British economy will continue to endure a beating for a while to come.

Brexit uncertainty has had a huge impact on the marketplace as concern over a manageable deal builds. Like everyone else, we at James Andrews want to maintain the quality service we provide. Property Management and Social Housing sectors are particularly vulnerable to changes in personnel. So, we decided to pre-empt any issues by surveying our clients.

Do they believe Brexit will have a negative impact on their sectors after March 29th 2019?

[NB: the samples here are small so are not reflective of the country as a whole. They do, however, give James Andrews some idea of how to tread the post-Brexit waters].

The results seem mixed and the impact of Brexit will remain uncertain until after March 29th. For now what we can take away from these results is the need to expect and prepare. We will safeguard our tailored consultancy service for all our clients. And continue to fulfil their business needs for the foreseeable future and beyond.

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