Love in the Time of Email

Ah, office romance…You know what I’m talking about: you catch their eye across the desk and can’t help but smile. They flash you that nose-wrinkling grin and lean towards you so nobody else can hear. They’ve got your full attention as they whisper, ‘have you done that spreadsheet for me yet?’.

A survey conducted by totaljobs found that 22% of people meet their other half in the workplace. This is no surprise, since the 9-5 rat race means we spend more time with colleagues than our friends and family. At James Andrews a relaxed and social environment creates happy and productive staff, and a bit of romance doesn’t hurt. So in honour of Valentine’s day we’ve brought together some stories of office love from friends of James Andrews…

…some good, some bad, and some very ugly:

“Me and my manager were secretly seeing each other. The morning after a work night out, I sent a ’look how hungover I am’ selfie to my work friends’ WhatsApp group, failing to realise I was wearing my manager’s t-shirt at the time (he had stayed over at mine). I came to work on Monday to the photo printed out on my desk and work became VERY awkward.”
– Hannah, sales

“Our love was forbidden by our company’s ‘no relationship’ policy, and because our jobs were great we tried to ignore the chemistry. It was awful, we had moments of lingering eye contact and I started to feel quite down about it. In the end my mate caught me gazing wistfully at her and told me a job wasn’t worth it if I couldn’t be happy. So I asked her out and we kept our relationship secret until I found a new position. We moved in together last year, and life is amazing.”

– James, marketing

“I fell for a guy in my office pretty quickly after he’d moved departments. There were loads of relationships between people at work, and I was pretty open about it with everyone. So I was humiliated when his girlfriend sent him a blue rose to the office on Valentine’s day! I felt so stupid and left soon after.”

– Josie, admin

“I was shocked when my colleague got into a relationship with a new girl in the office. They were all over each other all the time. She was already in a relationship and when she broke it off, her ex made all kinds of threats to her and my colleague. The boss had to organise a disabled parking space close to reception so her ex wouldn’t find her car and trash it!”

– Sara, wealth management

“I had a casual thing with a girl in my department, and we used to send each other risqué emails, but we’d give them work-related subjects to avoid suspicion. Just as I was leaving one day, my manager couldn’t find a report I’d emailed her the previous week so asked me to forward it onto her… in a hurry I forwarded her one of the naughty emails as I had given it the same email subject. It didn’t end well.”

– Jay, analytics

Still thinking about your office crush? If you haven’t reconsidered then maybe it’s meant to be! Whoever you choose to spend Valentine’s day with, we hope it’s lovely with no work-related mishaps anywhere in sight.

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