5 Reasons Why Christmas is The Perfect Time to Find a New Job

While the year draws to a close and many are looking back over 2018, those career motivated folks among us are looking forward to the New Year and the opportunities it may bring. With less competition in the mix at the end of the year, the time to prepare for a career change or a step up the career ladder is now. We’ve put together five reasons why Christmas is the perfect time to find a new job for 2019…

All I want for Christmas is a new job

As the year winds down, you have more time to think and reflect on your future goals. Are you happy with your current role, but want a step up? Or do you want a complete change, but don’t know what the next step is? Prospects has an A-Z page of job profiles that you can search by letter or industry. These profiles give a realistic breakdown of requirements; duties within each role and remuneration; and will give you a chance to consider what direction you would like to take in your future career.

I wish it could be Christmas everyday

Preparing for a change in career now will get you ahead of the New Year job hunters who often start with their resolutions after January 1st. Identify which direction you want to take with your career and act now to beat the rush. Like runners in a race, all around you the competition slows down and slopes off the track to partake in the Christmas festivities. Losing the intensity and focus of their search while you push on and take advantage of the vastly diminished playing field. Make use of everyone else’s downtime and get your application to the top of someone’s good list.

It’s the most wonderful time to network

During the festive season staff are in a more relaxed state of mind and interactions can be less formal. There are a lot of corporate and personal events taking place, which provide the perfect opportunity to network with as many people as possible and hand out your business card. Company social media platforms tend to be a lot more informal over Christmas, so interacting online can be a lot easier. Engage with posts and become a recognisable follower. For more advice take a look at our How to Find a Job Using Social Media article.

Mistletoe and motivation

Your perseverance while everyone around you is winding down and making merry will cast you in a favourable light with employers. Recruiting can be a difficult task during the festive season, as people take time off and prove hard to get hold of, but there you are: ready, willing and available. What a hero, what a perfect employee. At least until the New Year job hunters are on the move again…

Have yourself a merry little job search

Maintaining the momentum of your job search over the Christmas period will keep that enthusiasm going into January. Taking a break now is like having five minutes to rest your feet when doing the housework: once you’ve sat down it’s a struggle to get back up again and find the fire you once had. Keep it going until you’ve found that dream position.

Finding a new career can be slow work. However, getting a head start before the New Year gives you the perfect opportunity to prepare and focus on your goals. If you need further advice or support on a change in career, why not get in touch? We’re experts in our industry and would be happy to help you get on track to finding your dream job.