The Great Movember Reveal

Come one, come all and observe the dedication of our follically focused staff. They primped and pruned all month, so let’s all marvel and/or snigger at their Movember transformations…



‘I secretly quite enjoyed the excuse to grow the ‘tache, however as it developed the comparisons to unflattering older men from the ‘70s got too much. On the final day, my half tash got described as a ‘fat slug sliding down my face’, and that’s when I knew it was time to say goodbye… until next year.’


‘Growing a moustache was a fun experience, even though it made me look awful – I got asked if I was actually growing one on a number of occasions. I am aware of how life has become a lot more challenging for men due to societal norms changing over the last 100 years, so Movember is a great charity and I will have no qualms in donating to such a noble cause again.’



‘Movember was an interesting month, I had a slow start but a little bit of eyebrow dye sorted that out. I will definitely be taking part next year, it is an excellent cause and everyone knows someone who has been affected by the issues Movember is supporting. Thank you to all who have donated.’



‘As someone who is forbidden to grow a patchy beard, this was a chance to throw my support behind a wonderful cause but also prove to everyone that I CAN grow facial hair. Saying that, looking like a 1980s PE teacher isn’t a look that sits well with me so I will keep it to an annual growth!’


‘It was the first time growing a moustache and I was somewhat pleased with the results. However, in comparison to some of the other impressive ‘tache specimens, it was somewhat lacklustre. Nonetheless, I will look to improve it in preparation for next year. It was great to see how much was raised for a great cause. I received numerous comments about my moustache. Unfortunately, none of them are particularly complimentary.’



‘First time being clean shaven in five years and getting ID’d everywhere made for an interesting start to the month. Then, with the moustache, being told I looked like someone out of Narcos or Dallas Buyers Club. Glad we raised the money but also glad I can now grow back my beard!’



‘I struggled with Movember, especially considering the lack of facial hair for the first few weeks! By the end of the month I looked like a “hillbilly” as a few people hilariously pointed out, but it was for a good cause!’

Not only has the team’s moustachery provided comedy material to everyone at James Andrews for the whole of November, but they’ve also (and more importantly) joined the global community of over 5 million Mo Bros and Mo Sistas, raising an impressive £666 for The Movember Foundation. The charity funds health projects around the world, increasing awareness of some of the biggest health issues faced by men, including prostate and testicular cancer. By 2030 The Movember Foundation aim to reduce the number of men dying prematurely by 25%, and we’re extremely proud to have contributed to that goal.


So, a huge, hairy well done to our growers, and thank you to all who donated! Movember 2019 awaits…


(Psst… you can still donate here: