The Movember Moustache Style Guide

As the cold swell of arctic winds billows over the shores of our little island, we can say goodbye to our thin cotton clothes and branded sunnies, and hello to the warmth of thick socks, the chemical smell of de-icer and the bristly facial hair creations that signal Movember.


The Movember Foundation is a charity supporting men’s health, tackling prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention, and we’re proud to be involved.


Seven members of James Andrews staff have signed up to grow a Mo, raise money and fuel discussions that could save lives. So which Mo will they grow? Well there’s so many to choose from, and we’re just speculating, but we particularly like the following styles:


The Business Man:

Highly relevant to their current profession, we love The Business Man for our staff. Prominent, sophisticated with just a hint of Freddie Mercury, this facial fuzz would bring a decorative lift to any office.



The Rock Star:

And why not? Spandex, high kicks and a bit of air guitar never hurt anyone!


The Trucker:

Those furry handlebars scream masculinity and mountain biking. Hulk Hogan never complains over his extraordinary coiffure, why would anyone else?

The Connoisseur:

Sharp, attractive and individual, we can think of several JA staff this style would suit. Coupling finesse with a hint of strawberries and chocolate, we look forward to its presence in the office.


The After Eight:

The sharpness, the trim, the association with minty dark chocolate. We imagine raised eyebrows and plenty of after dinner banter to fill the corridors with this little number strolling around.


So which Mo is your favourite, and most importantly which do you think will look best on our grooming staff members? Stay tuned to find out more…

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