Work hard, play harder in Recruitment by Libby Turner

Without playing sports my university experience would have been very different, and without it I would not have the friends and the experiences that I do now.  During my time in education I have been a part of many different sports clubs and teams however, when I left university there was only one sport I wished to continue and that was Touch Rugby. Touch Rugby is a fast paced, intense game that really tests fitness and strategic knowledge, and for someone as competitive as I am it was exactly what I needed.

It was no surprise that when I moved to London my passion for Touch Rugby would influence where I eventually decided to live and what career I sought.  There are many different areas that Touch is played in London, however after researching the clubs and the areas they are based, I chose to live and play for a team in Clapham. This particular league is played in the evenings and the first game is at 19:00 and with training sessions starting at 19:30, it is perfect for me and for many others to play and train after work. Subsequently I decided that the job for me was recruitment and in James Andrews I have found a home where my competitive juices can flow.

It is not only Touch Rugby teams that train and play late, the James Andrews London office has a five aside football team, and we are lucky enough to overlook tennis courts on Lincoln’s Inn Fields, which host both late night tennis and netball giving sports opportunities for anyone that wishes to get involved.

With sports training and opportunities on so late in the evening, Touch Rugby and similar sports are all full of young working professionals, and other like-minded people so there are plenty of social opportunities as well. Living in London forces a work hard play hard attitude, and after a long day at work and then some tough training it is normal to then go out for a drink or some food with your team mates or work colleagues, with most leagues offering vouchers for partnered pubs.

The lifestyle we have in the James Andrews London office never stops but the opportunities we get to play sports and to socialise all whilst working full time is absolutely worth it and I would recommend it to anyone. You get to meet more people, create more opportunities, and it’s a good chance to burn off all the food you ate sat down at your desk all day!!